Saturday, June 18, 2011

Article from on BPD

I was so happy to find an article about living with BPD, published by someone with BPD. I wish more people in the public eye would use the platforms they've been given to help raise awareness and reduce stigma.

My life with borderline personality disorder -

I am also doing what I can to create awareness about mood altering side effects of hormone medications, and would be so appreciative if you would join me on that journey as well. Although I will still maintain this blog, I started a new blog (less anonymously) specifically for that purpose at

You'll see that my first post on that new blog closely mirrors my last post here.

My hope is that if I start speaking out about my experience, other people will join me. And if (think positive...not "if", "when") they do, it will give our cause a louder voice. That louder voice will be heard and awareness will be created. I truly believe that there is power in numbers (think women's rights over the last 50 years or so) and that together we can make a real difference.

Please join me.

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  1. I like what he said about how there are close to the same number of people with BPD as schizophrenics, and yet hardly any resources for those of us with BPD. Plus, there is the BPD stigma.
    I definitely believe you can help with creating awareness. Look at what happened with the Breast Cancer movement.
    I'm starting another blog myself for the same kind of reasons, but haven't quite figured out how to go about it. My present blog had no planning and is rather all over the place. I read an article recently about how particular victims who took part in helping others who had suffered the same trauma, recovered more often and were more empowered than those who did not take up the cause. I'm referring to rape and feel I can help in that particular arena.
    Good luck with the new blog. I'm sure it will help you, as well as others. Knowledge is power.